Outfitter # 445

Free Range Wild Bison Hunting in Wyoming



Bison are an iconic Western specie with a colourful history in the American West. As hunters we all wonder what it may have been like to see these vast herds in the late 1700’s. Meriwether Lewis wrote, “… so numerous they darken the whole plains” and soldier George Anderson described a herd so vast it took 6-days to pass. From an estimated 30-million bison these herds where then decimated by market hunters to mere hundreds. Sadly, in 1902, there were an estimated 23 animals left in the Yellowstone ecosystem.

Thanks to the excellent conservation efforts, funded in large part by the hunting dollars of the American sportsman, today, Yellowstone boasts one of the largest, huntable, free-ranging bison herds in North America. In fact, applying for a Wyoming bull bison tag is a non-resident’s best chance of drawing when compared against other states offering this specie tag. With drawing odds typically posting far better than 1 in 50 for this high quality bull tag, Wyoming is the state to be applying in for those of you wanting to chase free-range bison (cow tags are typically close to 100% draw odds).

Hunting this massive creature (the largest of the North American 29) can be intimidating. Seeing that this is such a special opportunity, and the post-harvest pack-out so daunting and arduous - WTA TAGS recommends booking with our outfitter once drawn. The local outfitting business we recommend is extremely knowledgeable and completely capable of conducting this adventure by the safest and most prudent methods. They do not wait for these bison to show-up on the National Refuge – as this may never occur. Instead, they will be hunting both the refuge and the surrounding National Forest, usually via horseback. They will try their hardest to send you home with a beautiful and mature trophy bison.  

No trophy room is complete without this iconic trophy. For your best chance at drawing a free-range bison tag, give WTA TAGS a call today and ask to speak with a professional Consultant 1-800-755-TAGS(8247).



$5,500  (1x2) - 5 day hunt, all hunts will have a minimum of 2 guides present.

($500 per-day if extra days are needed beyond 5 days)

*Hunt cost does not include 3.5% forrest service usage fee


August 15th – January 15th




1 x 1 guide service, field transportation, in-field trophy care


Hotels and meals, tips, meat processing, taxidermy and shipping trophies/meat home.


Fly into Jackson, Wyoming where your outfitter will meet you and transport you to a local hotel. 

Approximate License & Tag(s) Cost

$4,402 Bull tag - Computer draw – deadline late February. Contact WTA TAGS for professional application assistance 1-800-755-8247

Physical Requirement Level

Level 3 - These hunts are a true wilderness experience and are usually conducted on horseback, while hunting species such as elk, moose, bear; also, some mountain lion and African Cape buffalo. Difficult to extreme hiking and backpacking can be involved.

Additional Information
Approach: Spot and Stalk.
Equipment: Automobile,ATV/UTV,Horseback.