The only full-service licensing program available

WTA TAGS is the only full-service licensing program available to today’s sportsmen. Bottom line – we help sportsmen draw the very best, limited-entry, big-game tags in the country. We offer professional consultation on where to apply and then properly fill out and submit your applications to the state. We also float the necessary tag fees on your behalf. We have the easiest, most reliable and most complete service available to assist you in drawing the tag of a lifetime. When you decide you’d like professional assistance with applying for or building valuable preference/bonus points on the very best big-game tags in the country, read this catalog and/or call our office. The expert licensing team of WTA TAGS will then recommend application strategies consistent with your goals. When we make state recommendations, we take into account your desired trophy quality, physical ability, point status, time constraints, desire to hunt guided or unguided, and most recent GMU data.