Why Apply

We take all the work out of it for you

In some states like Arizona, Iowa, Nevada and Wyoming – the draw system is the only reasonable way to obtain big-game tags and having valuable preference/bonus points will help you hunt areas with better quality animals. Sportsmen who apply for tags are also trying to save money, but not sacrifice on quality. For example, a Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep hunt, where the tag is guaranteed, will normally run more than $25,000. Desert bighorn hunts in Mexico, typically start at $50,000. If you can draw a tag in the lower 48, guided bighorn hunts (Desert or Rocky) will usually cost around $7,500 and the quality is often far superior – an incredible savings. We can go through this cost vs. quality scenario with almost any North American big-game species. The bottom line is applying for tags and building valuable points just makes sense, and the expert service of WTA TAGS take all the work out of it for you – we even float the tag fees on your behalf.