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Free Range Blackbuck Hunt in West Texas

Outfitter #107
Rifle, Archery, Muzzleloader

Year Round

This hunt is for fair chase Blackbuck. The hunt is conducted on over 42,000 acres of low-fence private land. On these hunts, you also have the opportunity to hunt other Exotic Species that are also Free Range / Fair Chase. To your Blackbuck Hunt, you can also add Scimitar Oryx, Iranian Red Sheep, Addax, and Mouflon Sheep. Each of these species can be added on a trophy fee basis.

There are great accommodations on or near the ranch you will be hunting. You will have one of two options to choose from. You can stay in a hunters bunk-house which is set up with a bathroom, kitchen, small living area, and a bedroom with 5 bunk-beds, sleeping 10 total people. The bunkhouse option is included in the daily rate as well. Or you can stay at the motel located next to the bunkhouse that is locally owned and is very nice. This option would incur an additional daily rate just like any other motel would.

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Pricing Details

Any Weapon / 1 on 1 Guided / $250 Per Day + Trophy Fee upon harvest (See Trophy Fees Below):

TROPHY FEES (Due Upon Harvest)

  • Blackbuck: $3,500
  • Addax: $4,500
  • Armenian Red Sheep: $4,680
  • Scimitar Oryx: $4,500
  • Mouflon Sheep: $2,700 ($500 Trophy Fee Over 25”)

License & Tag(s) Cost (approximate)

$50.00 License Only


Airport Pickup and Drop Off, Bedding, Beverages, Guide, House, In-Field Transportation, Infield Trophy Care, Lodging, Meals, Pillow, Taxes, Towel, TV
  • 3 Meals/Day
  • Skinning, capeing, quartering of all game harvested
  • Delivery of all game to processor or taxidermist


Airfare, Gratuities, Hotel, License, Meat Processing, Personal Items, Shipping of Meat/Trophy, Taxidermy
  • Hunting license
  • Daily Rates
  • Alcohol
  • Optional Motel Accommodations


Ranch House or Motel (motel is responsibility of hunter)


Directions to the ranch will be supplied upon booking

Additional Info

  • Non-Hunter Daily Rate: $150 Per Day
  • If an exotic hunt is added to a Free-Range Aoudad Hunt, there is no Daily Fee charged.
  • Red Sheep: 28” to 30” is to be expected with a chance at bigger.
  • Blackbuck: 21” to 23” as an average (1 or 2 that may hit 25”+).
  • Expect to see 50-60 blackbuck per day
  • Anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours from existing Aoudad Ranches.

Hunt Style

Physical Level:

Easy: Somewhat easy walking when it comes to physicality. Minimal walking or hiking and terrain is very accessible. Mostly hunting from blinds or tree stands.

Moderate: Physicality is somewhat moderate to advanced. Spot and stalk method of hunting as well as some hunting from blinds. Terrain can vary from prairies to mountains at higher elevations.

Difficult: Requires an advanced degree of physical endurance. Terrain is typically more mountainous and hunting can take place at higher elevation.

Extreme: Most difficult and physically demanding hunts. Requires advanced to extreme endurance and terrain or game pursued may involve dangerous situations.

Spot and Stalk

Trip Requirements

All participants must read rules and regulations pertaining to method of take and be within the state/country’s guidelines. WTA is not responsible for failure to meet any state/country requirements.
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Free Range Blackbuck Hunt in West Texas

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