Free range hunting in the Eastern Cape’s Camdeboo Karoo region

Outfitter #476
Rifle, Archery

Feb – Nov

Your Safari will take you through the Eastern Cape Region, offering the widest range of game for the trophy hunter, as well as the hunter out for the experience. This outfitter is situated on a private ranch in the game rich Camdeboo area in the Karoo, an unfenced working stock ranch that forms part of a family trust of close to 30,000 acres. This is added to their existing neighboring concessions of 42,000 acres of unfenced private game reserve, and 2 other private reserves each being 37,000 acres of abundant game, including free roaming 4 of the Big 5. This gives them a total unfenced hunting area of 190,000-acres. These properties have most of the 30+ hunt-able species of Southern Africa within an hour’s drive of the Main Lodge.

Our lodge is a 200 year old converted farmstead, situated in the Central Karoo Region that has been in the outfitters family for 6 generations. It is very secluded at the foot of the mountains, nestled in the wild African bushveld in a mountainous amphitheater in the Sneeuberg Mountain range, with no modern hindrances and disturbances.  We are also very eco-friendly, with a solar powered electric system in 220 volts, so that we can accommodate all modern conveniences.  Our Wi-Fi system will keep you in touch with all your loved ones. Camp uses fresh clear spring water of a mineral quality that is pumped from an underground aquifer. Bottled water is also supplied.  The lodge is serviced daily with your laundry ironed and folded on your bed each evening when you return. The lodge sleeps up to 8 guests. The guests are treated to Traditional South African Cuisine, with a large garden and pool area to relax in. This is an ideal getaway for a group of family or friends, or simply that quiet holiday on your own. Sit and stare at the stars, listening to the hoot of the African Owl, while sitting at the large open fire pit. This is also a great place for coming together at night to socialize with friends and discuss the day’s adventures.
After a delicious South African supper with red wine, you can retire to your room which is furnished with a comfortable king size bed or 2 single beds, feather duvets and pillows to ensure a good night rest after a long day in the bush. Linen and towels are provided. The ensuite bathrooms each have a double basin set, shower and flush toilet, all with hot and cold water.

They are especially family orientated with a number of different packages to choose from. They are more than happy to cater for spouses, youth, families or just your best hunting buddy. Teaching and promoting conservation through selective sport hunting and encouraging observers to join in the hunt are embedded deep in their roots.

Nestled in the Camdeboo mountain range, between Graaff-Reinett – one of the oldest towns in South Africa, and Somerset East. This region was once hunted by the ancient San tribes, or Bushmen as they later became known, who have left their mark by means of rock art and artefacts. A small museum has been erected in their honor, as well as all the local archaeological and paleontological finds, all situated close by. The world famous Addo Elephant National Park and Cradock Mountain Zebra National Park are both only 1 ½ drive from camp and a great day out for observers.

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Pricing Details

2020 Outfitter Special – 2×1 Fair-chase plains game hunt $3,900/person – 2×1 – 7-hunting days, 8 nights Includes trophy fees for: Cape Kudu , common blesbuck , common springbuck and warthog. Must be booked in pairs. Was $4,900 NOW $3,900

Day rate safaris

$450/day – 1×1 – Trophy day rate – all trophies guaranteed to be SCI medal

$450/day – dangerous game

$350/day – 1×1 – standard day rate

$300/day/person – 2×1 – standard day rate

$195/day – observers


Package safaris

First-time package – 7 day/8 nights, 4 animals: includes trophy fees for Impala or black springbuck, blesbuck, common springbuck & warthog or Mountain reedbuck

$3,400 1×1

$2,950/person 2×1

$2,450/person 4×2


7-day Package – 7 day/8 nights, 5 animals: includes trophy fees for Cape Kudu or gemsbuck, blesbuck, impala or black springbuck, warthog or mountain reedbuck and common springbuck

$4,900 1×1

$4,550/person 2×1

$4,200/person 4×2


10-day Package – 10 day/11 nights, 5 animals: includes trophy fees for Cape Kudu or gemsbuck, blue wildebeest or black wildebeest, blesbuck, impala or black springbuck, warthog or mountain reedbuck and common springbuck

$6,500 1×1

$6,300/person 2×1

$5,900/person 4×2


Spiral Slam Package – 7 day/8 nights, 4 animals: includes trophy fees for Cape kudu, Cape eland, Nyala and Cape bushbuck

$7,400 1×1


Trophy fees on additional animals

Blesbuck $450

White blesbuck $900

Copper blesbuck $POR

Bontebok $POR

Bushbuck – Cape $800

Bushpig – baited or hounds $900

Bushpig – 2nd or opportunistic $500

Cape grysbok $POR *

Cape buffalo $POR

Caracal – with hounds $1,100

Crocodile $POR

Southern bush duiker $300

Blue duiker $POR*

Cape eland $2,500

Fallow deer $850 seasonal

Gemsbuck $1,400

Giraffe $3,500

Hippo $POR

Impala $450

Klipspringer $1,500

Cape kudu $1,400

Southern Greater kudu $3,500

Lion $POR

Lioness $POR

Red Lechwe $3,000

Rhino – $POR

Baboon $150

Vervet monkey $150

Nyala $2,500

Ostrich $500

Red Hartebeest $1,100

Common Reedbuck $1,500

Mountain Reedbuck $550

Roan $POR

Sable $POR

Common Springbuck $400

Black Springbuck $650

White Springbuck $950

Copper Springbuck $1,500

Steenbuck $300

Vaal Rhebuck $1,500

Warthog $550

Waterbuck $2,500

Black Wildebeest $1,100

Blue Wildebeest $1,100

Burchell’s Zebra $1,600

Hartman’s Zebra $POR Not importable into the US

Cape Mountain Zebra $POR Not importable into the US

Jackal, aardwolf, genet, foxes – baited and/or calling $500/each

Jackal, aardwolf, genet, foxes – opportunistic $500/each

Springhare $150

Trophy fees subject to change

*Subject to special permits and quota availably, inquire at time of booking

Please note that not all species occur in the concession and a transfer may be required.


Service of professional hunter

Hunting vehicle

14% VAT

Trackers and skinners

Accommodation, all meals, soft drinks beer  and wine.

Laundry service

Field preparation of trophies

Hunting license

All transport by road for the duration of  the safari while hunting


All air travel

Pre and post safari accommodation and meals

Rifle hire and ammunition

The preparation, dipping, packing, documentation and export of trophies from South Africa.


Trophy fees on additional animals taken

Day trips

Other touring/sight seeing out of hunting camp – lodging, meals, drinks, entrance and activity fees

Ripcord Medical – highly recommended

Travel insurance – highly recommended


Sample Itinerary
Day 1: Depart from home and fly to Johannesburg, South Africa
Day 2: Arrive in Johannesburg, Clear customs and overnight
Worldwide Trophy Adventures Travel can assist you with B&B and firearm transition service
Days 3: Morning flight to Port Elizabeth, South Africa where you will be met by the outfitter and transfer to camp, approximately a 2.5-hour drive.

Your scheduled trip dates – full days

Departure Itinerary
Day 1: Depart camp for Port Elizabeth where you will take a domestic flight to Johannesburg
Upon arrival in Johannesburg you will collect your bags and re-check in for final international flight home
Day 2: Arrive in USA, clear customs and continue home

Worldwide Trophy Adventures strongly suggest you hire a transition service to assist you with clearing your firearms.
Please call for further information at 1-800-884-9332.

Additional Info

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Hunt Style

Physical Level:

Easy: Somewhat easy walking when it comes to physicality. Minimal walking or hiking and terrain is very accessible. Mostly hunting from blinds or tree stands.

Moderate: Physicality is somewhat moderate to advanced. Spot and stalk method of hunting as well as some hunting from blinds. Terrain can vary from prairies to mountains at higher elevations.

Difficult: Requires an advanced degree of physical endurance. Terrain is typically more mountainous and hunting can take place at higher elevation.

Extreme: Most difficult and physically demanding hunts. Requires advanced to extreme endurance and terrain or game pursued may involve dangerous situations.

Spot and Stalk

Trip Requirements

All participants must read rules and regulations pertaining to method of take and be within the state/country’s guidelines. WTA is not responsible for failure to meet any state/country requirements.
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Free range hunting in the Eastern Cape’s Camdeboo Karoo region

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