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Tucked away in the rugged, burned mountains at the edge of the desert, another kind of paradise awaits you. Situated 170 km from Windhoek, taking the scenic road, en route to Walvis Bay crossing the breathtaking Gamsberg Pass, or coming from Swakopmund, traveling through the world’s oldest desert, lies the reserve with its 45,000-acres of untouched, awe-inspiring landscape full of game and wilderness.
While the mountain slopes are home to the scarce and agile Klipspringer, the Hartmann’s (Mountain) zebra as well as Leopard. Kudu can be seen observed in the dappled riverbeds and on the slopes of the mountains while Gemsbuck (Oryx), and Springbuck graze the grassy plains. Hunting here will always be an exclusive and an exceptional experience because we only allow one hunter or hunting group in this sensitive semi-arid landscape at a time.

Although the homestead is only a few miles off the main road, it will seem as though it is the gateway to a different world. One travels through dry river beds and rocky hills to a haven nestled up against a mountain backdrop surrounded by palm trees with valleys lying at its feet. Seated on the white-washed verandah, enjoying a thirst quenching sundowner, you can bear witness to an unsurpassed African sunset as it paints the slopes of the Gamsberg Mountain in hues of pink and mauve.

The old colonial style ranch house was built by the legendary Johann Vivier. A man who made his fortune with diamonds in the days when Africa abounded with adventure and wildlife.

For your non-hunting companions – and for your time off from hunting- there is a large variety of entertainment and recreation activities. The wildlife and landscape can be explored either on guided walks, by four-by-four vehicles, on horseback or from the sanctuary of the verandah. An inviting pool as well as many shady spots bid you to linger.

Bushman paintings can be admired at two separate locations. Who knows, you might even discover others!

Enjoy the hospitality and the personal style that the ranch house offers you. Whether you are reading in the old family library or just allowing your eyes to linger on Africa’s sublime beauty, either way will be a cherished experience.
With over 40 years of experience, this outfit does it right. They pride themselves on their reliability and attention to detail, ensuring that all facets of your hunting experience are professionally managed. In addition to the hunt itself, they also provide excellent follow-up services for trophy handling and shipping – something that is becoming increasingly important. Book a hunt here and you can be assured of fully professional services before, during and after your safari.

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Pricing Details

7-day packages:

$6,900 -7 days hunting 1×1, Included trophy fees: 1 Kudu, 1 Springbuck, 1 Gemsbuck.

$6,950 -7 days hunting 1×1, Included trophy fees: 1 Kudu, 1 Mountain Zebra, 1 Gemsbuck


10 day package – Split time between two lodges/eco systems
2×1 – $9,650/hunter
1×1 – $10,950/hunter
includes trophy fees on the following animals:
Mountain zebra
your choice of 1 of the following – duiker, steenbuck or jackal


Day rate safari;

$530/day, plus 15% VAT – 1×1
$390/day, plus 15% VAT – 2×1
$250/day – Observer, plus 15% VAT
Additional animals on trophy fee basis
Kudu $1,900
Gemsbuck $650
Springbuck $850
Warthog $490
Duiker $450
Steenbuck $450
Mountain Zebra $1,200
Baboon $150
Jackal $150
Klipspringer $1,800
Spotted hyena $1,200
Trophy fees subject to change


Professional hunter, trackers and skinners, fully equipped 4×4 vehicles, field preparation of trophies, accommodations, meals, beer-wine-spirits in moderation, laundry service, transfer/concession fee, hunting license

Package rates also include: trophy fees on species in package, VAT on day rates, round trip ground transfer to camp and hunting license


C.I.T.E.S. fees
15% VAT on day rate safaris
trophy fees on additional animals taken
shipping to the U.S.
Firearm rental $40/day
Ammo at current local prices
$450 transfer/concession fee
$170 – hunting license on day rate safaris



South Africa Itinerary
Day 1: Depart for Johannesburg, South Africa
Day 2: Arrive in Johannesburg, clear customs – overnight
Day 3: 1st flight to Windhoek, Namibia where you will be met and transfer to camp

Hunt days

Day 1: Depart Windhoek for South Africa
Upon arrival in Johannesburg stay in-transition
Day 2: Arrive US

Germany Itinerary
Day 1: Depart for Frankfurt, Germany
Day 2: Arrive in Frankfurt, stay in-transition You will have approx. 11-hour layover
Airlines may require you to claim your bags/firearm & recheck bags (don’t leave customs with firearm)
Take night flight to Windhoek, Namibia
Day 3: Arrive in Windhoek in the morning where you will be met and transfer to camp

Hunt days

Day 1: Depart Windhoek for Frankfurt
Airlines may require you to claim your bags/firearm & recheck bags (don’t leave customs with firearm)
Day 2: Arrive US

Please call WTA Travel for further information at 1-800-884-9332

Hunt Style

Physical Level:

Easy: Somewhat easy walking when it comes to physicality. Minimal walking or hiking and terrain is very accessible. Mostly hunting from blinds or tree stands.

Moderate: Physicality is somewhat moderate to advanced. Spot and stalk method of hunting as well as some hunting from blinds. Terrain can vary from prairies to mountains at higher elevations.

Difficult: Requires an advanced degree of physical endurance. Terrain is typically more mountainous and hunting can take place at higher elevation.

Extreme: Most difficult and physically demanding hunts. Requires advanced to extreme endurance and terrain or game pursued may involve dangerous situations.

Spot and Stalk

Trip Requirements

All participants must read rules and regulations pertaining to method of take and be within the state/country’s guidelines. WTA is not responsible for failure to meet any state/country requirements.
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Namibia Safari Outfitter – 45,000-acres Free Range

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