NWT Trophy Muskox Hunt and Lake Trout Fishing

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NOW OPEN TO NON-RESIDENT HUNTING! This 86,000 square mile exclusive hunting area in the Northwest Territories is virtually untouched and is now open to muskox hunting for non-residents. The area is home to the new world record Barren Ground Muskox (130 4/8″) and the next one could easily be out there! This vast hunting land is home to an estimated herd of close to 20,000 animals. No -30 arctic temperatures and rough accommodations here. In fact, you’ll hunt from an incredible lodge with comfortable guest cabins and real beds, electric heat, and enjoy a hot shower each evening and delicious meals! These early Fall hunts coincide with the rut, making it a very exciting spot and stalk hunt, especially for bow hunters. When you’re tagged out on muskox, you can hunt for wolverine and arctic wolf or enjoy some of the best fishing in the North for trophy lake trout and arctic grayling!

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Pricing Details

$20,000 + 5% GST tax

1×1 guided

License & Tag(s) Cost (approximate)

Muskox $119

Wolf $100

Wolverine $119

Fishing $50

Non-Hunter Price:

Easy: Farm or ranch hunts from stands or blinds. Substantial use of 4x4 pickups, UTVs. Most whitetail deer hunts.

Medium: These hunts are mostly conducted on private ranches. Species include mule deer, elk, antelope, some caribou and African plains game hunts. Moderate to light hiking each day in semi-mountainous terrain.

Hard: These hunts are a true wilderness experience and are usually conducted on horseback, hunting species such as elk, moose, bear, some mountain lion and African Cape buffalo. Difficult to extreme hiking and backpacking can be involved.

Difficult: All sheep hunts, goat, most grizzly and brown bear, some mountain lion and elephant. The terrain and/or animals can involve some dangerous situations. These hunts will probably require extreme physical endurance and some athletic ability.



1×1 guide service, lodging, meals.


Commercial airfare, float-plane ($1,800 RT), tax, gratuity, license, firearm rental, ($250), export fees ($300 approx.), personal items.




*Sample Itinerary

Day 1- Fly to Yellowknife and overnight at hotel of choice.

Day 2 – Take a float plane approx. 1 hr. 45 min. to the lodge. Dinner and overnight.

Days 3-10 Hunt for muskox.

Day 11 – Return to Yellowknife and overnight.

Day 12 – Return home.

Hunt Style

Physical Level:

Easy: Somewhat easy walking when it comes to physicality. Minimal walking or hiking and terrain is very accessible. Mostly hunting from blinds or tree stands.

Moderate: Physicality is somewhat moderate to advanced. Spot and stalk method of hunting as well as some hunting from blinds. Terrain can vary from prairies to mountains at higher elevations.

Difficult: Requires an advanced degree of physical endurance. Terrain is typically more mountainous and hunting can take place at higher elevation.

Extreme: Most difficult and physically demanding hunts. Requires advanced to extreme endurance and terrain or game pursued may involve dangerous situations.

Spot and Stalk

Trip Requirements

All participants must read rules and regulations pertaining to method of take and be within the state/country’s guidelines. WTA is not responsible for failure to meet any state/country requirements.
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NWT Trophy Muskox Hunt and Lake Trout Fishing
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NWT Trophy Muskox Hunt and Lake Trout Fishing
As a courtesy, we'll send you trip specials. Just the good stuff. Opt-out anytime.