Old Mexico Desert Sheep

Outfitter #823

December – March

This high success Desert bighorn sheep hunt takes place in Sonora, Mexico. This outfitting operation controls hundreds of square miles of the most premium, free range, desert sheep terrain in all of Old Mexico. Because their hunting area consists entirely of private property, and is so well managed, the quality is exceptional. Clients can expect near 100% shooting opportunities on mature rams. Seeing four to ten rams each day is typical. With average rams stretching the tape to the mid-160’s and top-end rams pushing 180, this gives the client a legitimate chance at taking a net official Boone & Crockett trophy. All hunts are conducted by professional guides and spotters to help assure the ram-of-a-lifetime doesn’t go undetected. You and your guide team will spend hours each day glassing the rugged desert mountains until a suitable sheep has been located. Then, the stalk is on.

The outfitter will be there to meet you upon arriving at the airport in Hermosillo. He will then transport you to the ranch. Accommodations consist of a very comfortable and clean ranch house and delicious Mexican cuisine is served daily.

WTA is consistently investigating quality destinations for it’s clients. We know Mexico can be a dice roll and are very aware of the variety of issues that often accompany this part of the world . We believe this is one of the best valued Desert bighorn sheep hunts available today. Most importantly, the professionalism of the outfitter is an attribute to be envied by all outfitters operating south of the border. This would be an excellent choice for those trying to accomplish their Slam of Wild Sheep or for those who just want to chase a bighorns in the stunning mountains of Sonora, with some truly incredible Mexican sheep guides.

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Pricing Details

Fall 2022/ Spring 2023

$58,500 + $850 export fee “Free Range”

$43,000 All-Inclusive “Estate Hunt” (up to 170″SCI, larger rams upon price quote)


License & Tag(s) Cost (approximate)



Airport Transfers, Guide, In-Field Transportation, In-Field Trophy Care, License, Lodging, Meals, Taxes




Day 1: Fly to Hermosillo, MX; outfitter will meet and transfer to hunt area

Day 2-9 Hunt

Day 10: Return to Hermosillo with a late morning/afternoon flight home.

Hunt Style

Physical Level:

Easy: Somewhat easy walking when it comes to physicality. Minimal walking or hiking and terrain is very accessible. Mostly hunting from blinds or tree stands.

Moderate: Physicality is somewhat moderate to advanced. Spot and stalk method of hunting as well as some hunting from blinds. Terrain can vary from prairies to mountains at higher elevations.

Difficult: Requires an advanced degree of physical endurance. Terrain is typically more mountainous and hunting can take place at higher elevation.

Extreme: Most difficult and physically demanding hunts. Requires advanced to extreme endurance and terrain or game pursued may involve dangerous situations.


Trip Requirements

All participants must read rules and regulations pertaining to method of take and be within the state/country’s guidelines. WTA is not responsible for failure to meet any state/country requirements.
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Old Mexico Desert Sheep
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Old Mexico Desert Sheep
As a courtesy, we'll send you trip specials. Just the good stuff. Opt-out anytime.