Outfitter #060


Unguided Fishing Remoteness…Solace…Isolation…Off-the-beaten path…Unmolested fish—all things serious anglers and adventurers desire from their SW Alaska experience. That’s this outfitter's specialty. They have flown this landscape for over 20 years and have found some of the most remote pockets of streams and creeks loaded with trout, pike, Dollies, and all five Pacific salmonoids. The key is to get away from the crowded river corridors ! Don’t waste valuable vacation time and money floating the more popular stretches of the Kuskokwim and Bristol Bay drainages where fish are sore lipped and wary of combat fishermen. If you want the “experience” of seeing remote terrain and angling virgin watersheds, let this outfitter get you there. There unguided adventures are all inclusive from the time you arrive in Bethel. Just step off the plane and let them take care of the rest. The following services are provided: Airport pickup and drop off service Transportation to and from the B&B 1 Nights stay at the B&B Air Cargo drop off and pickup services. Transportation to and from our hangers, river, ect. Bush Transportation to and from your river destination All costs for Village agent transportation and riverboat pickup (if applicable) No fuel surcharges added to your quote!



Unguided Fishing Trip Options

Unguided raft trips on the following rivers:

  • Aniak River: (4 different starting point options)………….$1,500
  • Arolik River: (3 different starting point options)…………..$1,275
  • Eek River: (2 different starting point options)…………….$  985
  • Goodnews River: (4 different starting point options)……..$1,475
  • Kanektok River: (3 different starting point options)…… .$1,275
  • Kisaralik River: (5 different starting point options)……….$1,200
  • Kwethluk River: (3 different starting point options)………$1,200
  • No fuel surcharges on trips