Consultant’s Corner: Wyoming Elk Tags

Species: Elk
Location: Wyoming

Applying for an Elk Tag in the Great State of Wyoming

This post comes to you from our TAGS Manager, Eric Pawlak.

Wyoming Elk Application Deadline ALERT-  

The 2017 application deadline for Wyoming elk tags is fast approaching. Non-residents must have their applications submitted by midnight, January 31st.  Only on-line applications will be accepted.

Draw Results –Late February

Point Only –Applicants wishing to apply for a point only (and have no chance of drawing) must wait until the July 1 – October 31 application period.

 5 Quick Facts about the Wyoming Elk Draw

1. Sequence Of The Draw

Everyone’s first choice is considered before any second choice will be looked at; therefore, make your first choice count. Anyone drawing an elk tag on their first choice will lose all accumulated preference points. Anyone drawing a Wyoming elk tag on their second choice, will also be awarded a preference point. It is my professional prediction that it will NOT be possible to draw Wyoming’s General (Special) Elk tag on a second choice in 2017.

2. Special License VS. Regular License

In Wyoming, 40% of the non-resident elk tag quota, by unit, will be reserved for those applicants applying for the Special License = $1,007. Furthermore, 60% of the non-resident elk tag quota, by unit, will be reserved for those applicants applying for Regular License = $527. Other than the difference in price and drawing odds, these elk tags – Special vs. Regular – are exactly the same. Typically, those willing to pay for the higher priced Special elk tag will have better odds of drawing, but check your draw odds tables or contact a WTA TAGS Consultant – we’re happy to help.

3. Party Applications

Wyoming accepts party applications with a maximum number of six, and non-residents are not allowed to apply with residents. Preference points will be divided by the number applicants in the group and entered into the draw with that exact number. For example, four applicants with a combined preference point total of 10, will be entered into the draw with 2.5 preference points.

4. Preference Points

Wyoming elk preference points cost $50 and are optional, but in most units, applying for the preference point is beneficial to your future. In Wyoming, 75% of the elk tags are issued to applicants holding the most preference points in a unit and 25% of the tags are allocated randomly, irrespective of points. If you fail to apply for two consecutive years, then your preference points will be purged.

5. Youth

To apply for an elk tag in Wyoming an applicant may apply if they are 11 years of age, but they must turn 12 before the hunting season starts.


The state of Wyoming has one of the most complex application processes in the West. It is also one of the most incredible and diverse elk states in the country. From the rugged wilderness of western Wyoming to the incredible private ranches in the east, Wyoming offers something for everyone. This is a must apply state for anyone that is serious about elk hunting. With so much diversity from east to west, a very stable elk population and 16% of the tags allocated to non-residents, Wyoming elk typically comes with shorter draw times for a quality elk hunting experience. Again, with such a complex draw process in place, you may want to consider speaking with a professional consultant in the WTA TAGS division. We’re here to help! Otherwise, we hope this helped and best of luck in the draw!    

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