Free Range Bison Tags


Free Range Bison Tags 

by Eric Pawlak – WTA TAGS DIRECTOR

When applying for free range bison tags in the United States your options are extremely limited. The state that seems to garnish the most attention – Utah. This state is definitely at the forefront of people’s minds, for those interested in hunting this iconic species in a free range environment and or the life of me, I cannot figure out why.

If applying in Utah for their Henry Mountains bison tag is good … that then makes applying in Wyoming completely epic. Let’s take a look:

2017 Bison Draw Results (non-resident, bull tag): Utah vs. Wyoming

  • UTAH – 1st hunt on the Henry Mountains : Drawing odds = 1 in 1,491 (with zero bonus points)
  • WYOMING – Hunt Area 2 (Jackson bison herd): Drawing odds = 1 in 54 (no point system in WY for Bison)

(Applying in Wyoming offers a 29 times greater chance of drawing)


Now, you may be thinking that the bison hunting in the state of Utah must be far superior. To think this would definitely not be accurate. The bison specie is so “hyper-managed” across the west that, with the right outfitter, the hunting is actually world-class in both states.

Where Utah does have Wyoming beat is in the cost of the non-resident tag. In 2017, the price of a non-resident bison tag in Wyoming was $2,502. In Utah, only $1,518.

In 2018, the price of the tag in Utah will remain constant, while Wyoming has decided to increase their tag fee to $4,402. However, this hefty price increase will bode-well for the non-resident drawing odds in Wyoming. Remember, the state of Wyoming is a FLOAT state, meaning you must send in the entire tag fee at time of application. If the odds were 1 in 54 at $2,502, can you imagine what they will be this year when requiring applicants to front $4,402?! My bet – better than 1 in 40!

This is your year to draw a free range bison tag! REMEMBER WTA TAGS WILL FLOAT THE $4,402 ON YOUR BEHALF. The application DEADLINE to apply for WYOMING BISON is bearing down – February 28th.

CALL US TODAY – 1-800-755-TAGS(8247) 

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