“Private Land” New Mexico Desert Sheep

Location: New Mexico

Commonly referred to as the “Slam Ram”, the Desert sheep is often times the last sheep on a hunters list to complete their Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep.

Desert sheep tags are notoriously difficult to draw in the United States and auction tags are sold for exorbitant amounts of money. For some, the thought of traveling to “Old Mexico” turns people off, as dealing with customs and political issues, can complicate travel and gun importation. All of this said, that leaves sheep hunters with few options.



I’m happy to report, that due to our industry relationships with the best-of-the-best, WTA now offers a GUARANTEED landowner tag for a private land Desert sheep hunt on one of the most prestigious ranches in New Mexico. This 300K acre ranch encompasses the Fra Cristobal Mountain range in south-central New Mexico.  Desert bighorn sheep were originally reintroduced on the ranch in 1996. With help from the Wild Sheep Foundation and the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish there is an estimated heard size of roughly 250 sheep on the ranch.

This hunt is fully-guided by ranch employees. They have extensive knowledge of the ranch and game patterns as well as a deep passion for sheep and sheep hunting. There are several glassing points that are accessible by vehicle, and an expansive road system, allowing easy access to the most remote areas of the ranch.  This is still a sheep hunt and the degree-of-difficulty from those questioned, post hunt, rates a 6 on a scale of 1-10 difficulty. You can expect to glass several rams daily until you find the trophy ram that’s been calling your name.  At this point, the hunt is on! You and your guide will then carefully plan your stalk.

Rams harvested are typically in the 165-170 B&C range. With All-Time Book on a Desert bighorn at 168” this is truly the hunt-of-a-lifetime! Last year’s WTA hunter shot his ram out of a band of over 20 rams. (picture below)



This is truly a unique opportunity offered only to customers of WTA. Currently, we have the first hunt of the year on the ranch available!  Aug 16-25, 2019. If you have any interest in hunting a Desert bighorn sheep stateside – give WTA a call today at 1-800-346-8747

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