Tired of Winter Yet?


As this blog comes together today, it is a blistering 3-degrees Fahrenheit here in western Nebraska.  Days, weeks, and seasons like this really get me thinking “Is there a way to skip the worst parts of winter?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the “Whoa-is-me” guy.  I enjoy winter.  I love the snow and the mountains west of where I live.  I ski and snowboard, and snowmobile whenever I find the opportunity.  What starts hitting me is the long drawn-out consecutive days of no sun and temps hovering around the single digits (above or below zero).

This past fall, I started fielding calls and working with clients who were apparently looking into their winter options much further in advance than I was.  A call here and there to Florida for some bass fishing.  A call or two wanting to go to Brazil or Argentina.  Several calls looking into Hawaii or Costa Rica and Guatemala.

At the time, my mind was on making sure we got clients and the outfitters lined-up and ready for their individual trips…wherever they might be.  Now, as I look out my office window into the frozen tundra that is home, I can’t help but think about how brilliant all of those temporary snowbirds were.


Who wouldn’t want to escape extreme conditions?  Seriously… if we can help it, we treat ourselves to heated and air-conditioned cars, homes, tractors, boots, gloves…etc…etc…  For the sake of your health and sanity treat yourself to a period of time in comfort.  Escape to Central America for some fishing or jungle tours.  Take that trip to Hawaii and work in a little wing-shooting or exotic game hunting and escape whatever “polar vortex” might be creeping in on you this winter.  There is still time to go.


Now that I think about it, and as hard as it might be for me to be convinced right now…summer is right around the corner.

Do you know what feels better than 95 degrees in June or July?   60-65 degrees in Alaska or Canada.  It just makes sense to take care of yourself. 😉


Ok…my winter rant is over.  Contact WTA to book your next therapy season (fishing trip) today. 1-800-346-8747

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