WTA Hosted Hunts – Great Hunting and Camaraderie


WTA Hosted Hunts
Great Hunting and Camaraderie

By Tim Herald, WTA owner and consultant

What is a WTA hosted hunt, and why should I consider going on one? We get those questions all the time, and the answers are pretty simple.

A WTA hosted hunt is a small group hunt led by one of the WTA consultants with one of our preferred outfitters. The WTA consultant coordinates the hunt from the beginning and leads you through the entire process which includes: handling the bookings, travel arrangements, and personally goes along on the trip to make sure everything goes smoothly and shares in the adventure.

What types of hunts do the hosted trips encompass? In short, a hosted hunt can be almost anything, as an example we have mule deer in South Dakota, plains game in Africa, moose in Alaska, and stag/boar in Romania. We have conducted, or are planning, hosted hunts in Argentina for red stag, Zimbabwe for Cape buffalo, mid-Asian ibex in Kazakhstan, and Alaska for brown bear to name a few more. We also do hosted fishing trips from time to time.

So why would someone want to join us on one of these trips? Many hunters do not have friends or family that are willing or able to travel with them, but they do not want to go on trips alone. Going on a hunting or fishing adventure with a small group is always more fun than going alone. A group of like minded sportsmen getting together at the campfire in the evening and sharing the stories from their day afield is some of the best fellowship to be had.

Other reasons to join a group hunt:

1) We often get a discounted price for having a group
2) You have an experienced professional from WTA to coordinate and go on the trip with you
3) You know you will be hunting or fishing with a high quality outfitter that we have hand-picked
4) You will likely make a few new friends with the same passion for the outdoors that you have.

Speaking of making new friends, I have personally met some of my closest friends in the world on hosted hunts, and though we may live thousands of miles apart, we talk regularly and we get together once or twice a year to do a hunt, go to a hunting convention, or just visit each other. I have seen this happen with a number of other hunters on these trips, and I know many of the participants have stayed in contact and regularly hunt with the friends they made on a hosted trip. The friendships and camaraderie from these trips is the biggest benefit in my opinion.

So how do you find out about upcoming hosted hunts? Simply go to https://worldwidetrophyadventures.com/hosted-hunts and check out the offerings that are scheduled. If you see a trip of interest, give us a call, and ask for the WTA consultant leading the hunt, and he can fill you in on all the details. It’s really that simple.

I personally lead a number of these hosted trips each year, and I hope to hear from you soon, and maybe we can share a campfire in the near future.


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