Outfitter #062

Nunavut Territory Barren Ground Muskox Hunt - All Inclusive Price!


Found solely on the continental mainland of the Canadian Arctic, Barren Ground Muskox are the world's largest of all muskox species, both in body and horns.  These hunting areas have produced tremendous opportunities on high scoring record book trophies.  The Spring hunts are conducted out of several remote and exclusive areas on the mainland south of Victoria Island that have received little to no hunting pressure.  You and your guide travel by snowmobile across solid sea ice on the historic Queen Maud Gulf in true Arctic adventure fashion.  100% success has been the norm for many years.  Beginning in 2019, several new locations with limited tags will be hunted.  These hunts will take place during the warmer Summer months and early Fall with access by boat and/or ATV.  We anticipate numerous Boone and Crockett bulls to be harvested in these new areas.  


$15,500 all-inclusive



Updated: 2019-02-08 20:02:49