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Nevada Hunting Deadlines

Nevada Hunting Information

  • applied but were unsuccessful. The state will then take your accumulated points and square them, therefore, improving your chances of obtaining a tag in future drawings.
  • License Purchase Yes/No: Yes, as a prerequisite of applying, a $142 non-resident hunting license must be purchased. WTA TAGS will handle this purchase for you as part of the application process.
  • Party Applications: Party applications are only allowed for mule deer and may not exceed two applicants.
  • Hunter’s Safety Card Requirement: Anyone born after January 1, 1960 must have a hunter’s safety card to apply and in their possession while afield. If this is your first time applying in Nevada and you were born after this date, you must register this card before applying. WTA TAGS will handle this on your behalf. We must have a copy of your hunter’s safety card in our possession at least 10 days before the state application deadline.
  • Youth: Applicants are required to be 12 years of age by the end of the hunting season to apply/obtain a big game permit.

Nevada Point System

  • Point System: Nevada has a squared bonus point system in place. You will receive one extra chance for each year you have applied but were unsuccessful.
  • The state will then take your accumulated points and square them, therefore, improving your chances of obtaining a tag in future drawings.

Hunt Nevada

  • Despite its arid climate and typically lower big game populations, Nevada has done an excellent job in managing its herds. Through conservative tag allocations, those lucky enough to draw can usually expect a very high quality experience.
  • In contrast, Nevada’s arid climate is perfect for desert bighorn sheep. Issuing about 25 non-resident desert bighorn tags annually makes Nevada the #1 state to apply in. The odds of drawing are the best in the west and the quality of rams is amazing. Nevada also offers the non-resident a chance at roughly 6 California bighorn tags, giving them two chances at drawing a sheep tag each year.
  • Nevada’s highly sought after mule deer tags will not disappoint. Applying with a more primitive weapon (archery or muzzleloader) is probably best as it gives you first crack at those Nevada giants (remember you can always mix weapons on the application). The game management units situated in the eastern part of the state are absolutely excellent but a big buck can turn up anywhere in the state.
  • Drawing a Nevada elk tag is typically a once-in-a-lifetime affair. This is a very serious tag offering a chance at 350″ to 400″ B&C caliber bulls. Although these units are made up of predominantly public land, an outfitter is recommended once drawn as you will probably never draw this incredible tag again.
  • The strategy in Nevada is simple. Purchase their $142 non-resident hunting license and then apply for all species of interest. Building these valuable bonus points could eventually pay huge dividends allowing you the chance to hunt some of the highest quality areas the west has to offer. WTA TAGS is fully prepared to assist you with these applications. Just give us a call today.

State Application Deadlines

April 26, 2021

Nevada Tag Fees

Tag Fee
Mule Deer
Desert Bighorn
California Bighorn

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