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Washington Hunting Deadlines

Washington Hunting Information

  • Point System: Utah has a bonus point system in place for its limited-entry tags (elk, mule deer, antelope) and its once-in-a-lifetime tags (moose, sheep, goat, bison). You will receive one extra chance for each year you have applied but were unsuccessful. Furthermore, 50% of the available tags are reserved for the applicants with the most bonus points with the remaining 50% allocated in a random drawing among all applicants. Utah has a true preference point system in place for its general season mule deer tags. Therefore, you must have the highest number of points among all applicants in a particular unit to receive a tag.
  • License Purchase Yes/No: Yes, as a prerequisite of applying, a $65 non-resident hunting license must be purchased. WTA TAGS will handle this purchase for you as part of the application process.
  • Party Applications: Up to four applicants may apply together for all Utah’s limitedentry tags and its general season mule deer tags.
  • Hunter’s Safety Card Requirement: Anyone born after December 31, 1965 must have a hunter’s safety card in their possession while afield.
  • Youth: Applicants are required to be 14 years of age by the end of the year to apply for limited-entry and once-in-a-lifetime tags. Applicants are required to be 12 years of age to apply for general season deer tags.

State Application Deadline

May 24, 2021

Washington Tag Fees

Tag Fee
California Bighorn
Mountain Goat
Rocky Mountain Bighorn

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