Outfitter #062

Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou - New Area!


NEW for 2019 - Two new hunt locations for the highly sought after Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou are situated at the crossroads of the Quamaniruaq, Lorillard and Wager Bay caribou herds.  These ALL-INCLUSIVE hunt packages are offered only during peak periods with no more than four hunters per week.  The Quamaniruaq herd is slightly below 300,000 animals and remains the largest and healthiest herd in the region with main calving and post-calving grounds situated in these exclsuive new territories.  The Lorillard and Wager Bay herds are the largest of the eight tundra wintering herds on the Northeast mainland.  Set in a spectacular tundra envirnoment scattered with lakes and streams, you will marvel at the beauty and wildlife throughout this game rich region.  The Inuit guides have an acute knowledge of the areas hunted allowing for great opportunities at caribou bulls with rifle or bow.  Hunt periods begin in late August and run throughout September.  As an added bonus, combine Barren Ground muskox to your hunt as they occupy the same tundra environment.  The muskox in these areas have seen little to no hunting pressure with high probability of harvesting a record book bull! No trophy room is complete without a long-haired muskox.   




Late August through September

Updated: 2019-02-08 19:43:26