Outfitter #033

Fall Brown Bear Hunting Near Port Heiden


If you prefer hunting in the fall and are truly after a ten-foot brown bear you may want to consider this fall brown bear hunting area in unit 9E near Port Heiden. For this hunt you will fly from Anchorage to Port Heiden with Pen Air. Season dates for this area are from October 1st through the 25th of odd numbered years. This is part of the Alaska peninsula is managed by the state of Alaska to ensure trophy sized brown bear. Hunting is done from spike camps that are only accessed by a super cub airplane equipped with large tundra tires.

Hunting is primarily done in the low areas along the streams and rivers that are full of returning sockeye and silver salmon. Brown bear will be feeding on salmon to put on the necessary weight needed to go into hibernation. After feeding, bears will lie in the thick alders. This is another location that this outfitter places camps. The bedding areas have been very productive for them over the years, as brown bear move off the rivers many times shortly after day light. They will move towards these bedding areas and wait along the many deeply worn trails, waiting and glassing for big brown bear to return to the brush. The larger older bears are most often the first to take cover in the dense alders, often returning right at daylight. Hunters will be intercepting bear to and from their feeding grounds.

The average day is spent sitting along the river glassing for brown bear feeding on salmon. When doing so, scent control is a MUST!! It will make the hair stand up on your neck when you hear the water splashing from a large brown bear chasing salmon in the river as he is about to round the bend that you are sitting at! Bow hunting for brown bear can be very effective in this area, as most of the streams start from an underground spring. As salmon move up these systems, they reach a dead end in the stream, and begin to pool up by the hundreds. This makes for a perfect area to bow hunt brown bear. This outfitter has had numerous clients take record book brown bear with a bow in this area.



Updated: 2018-03-02 17:31:07