Outfitter #033

Hunt Brown Bear near Cold Bay


Alaska Peninsula near Cold bay is this outfitters premier spring brown bear hunting area. This is an area they only hunt on even numbered spring years. It is hands down the best location for trophy brown bear in Alaska. This region is as good if not better than Kodiak Island for huge coastal brown bear. The Aleutian Range with its 4000-foot peaks rising from the oceans edge makes the perfect backdrop for glassing giant coastal brown bear.

This is truly Alaska’s trophy brown bear area. Brown Bear in this unit 9E and D can grow to more than 11-feet square, with skulls measuring over 30 inches. More SCI record book brown bear have been taken from these two units than any others in Alaska. Their largest brown bear taken from here in 2008 measured 11.6 feet squared, with a skull measurement of 30.5 inches. Ten foot brown bear are taken each spring by this outfitters client’s on this hunt. Most brown bear taken will measure over a true 9 feet! Many outfitters have never taken a true ten foot bear.

Hunting is done from a spike camp only accessed by a super cub with large tundra tires. This outfitter is continually checking on their camps and moving them as conditions change. As winter loses its grip and snow melts, bears will emerge from their dens. They are continually looking for such activity and place camps accordingly. With their base camp closely located to the Bering Sea, they are also searching the beaches looking for dead whales and walrus that have washed up on shore. Brown bear, wolves, and wolverine will come to these carcasses to feed. Camps will be placed near these locations as well.



Updated: 2018-03-02 17:31:07