Outfitter #087


Grizzly Bear With the biggest grizzly quota in the province, this outfitters guide area provides great opportunities for both rifle and bow hunters for a spring or fall hunt. COASTAL SPRING HUNTS This outfitter concentrates on tidal grass flats where these big bruisers search for food. Many of the valleys are still in winter conditions, so these big bears migrate to the coast for the lush greens of milder weather, some traveling distances of 200 miles. INLAND SPRING HUNTS The inland area produces the largest bears. It has all that the coast has including huge berry patches and huge salmon runs. In the spring the grizzlies emerge on the adjacent hills from were they feasted on salmon in the fall. The grizzly's here aren't lured to the coast as there is lots of vegetation. They are considered to be local bears. Grizzly's are spotted on the hills and slopes and are stalked on foot. This is physical work but worth the effort. The long days of spring give them plenty of time to spot your trophy. These areas produce bear in prime condition and will square 8.5-9ft. FALL GRIZZLY HUNTS This outfitters costal hunt and inland hunt focus on the salmon runs. The coastal hunt produces good bears in September. October their inland area really turns on. They will walk numerous creeks looking for trophy grizzly. The areas we hunt are tight and often wind is a big factor. Tree stands are used as are ground blinds. Scent eliminating gear is essential as these big bears only give you 1 or 2 chances. They have a very good success rate with nearly 90% of our hunters bagging a grizzly since 1985.



Updated: 2018-03-02 17:31:07