Outfitter #328

Australia Water Buffalo Hunt, Northern Territory


Our outfitter owns 100,000 acre of pristine habitat for native flora and fauna and game animals in the Northern Territory of Australia adjoining the world famous Kakadu National Park. The game reserve has water buffalo in very plentiful numbers. This is Australia's premier big game animal and deserves the highest level of respect when hunting. These animals are extremely tough and difficult to put down and are every bit as tough as the African Cape buffalo. Minimum recommended caliber is .338 Win Mag. You will hunt Buffalo with the help of a 4wd or ATV either by finding fresh tracks that cross the road or spotting lone bulls out on the plains. Then you'll follow up on foot and get closer to the animal for a better look! Shooting ranges can vary from 20 yards in the thick rainforests and up to 100 yards on the open plains.

The horns of a mature buffalo bull measure from tip to tip direct, 38"- 60" wide! A water buffalo bull weighs on average 1,600+ lbs.

This destination is a photographer's paradise, providing you with endless subjects. Wildlife such as crocodiles, kangaroos, wallabies, goannas, and countless varieties of wetland and forest birds are always willing to present themselves along the way.

Game bird shooting on the flood plains is exceptional. Geese and Ducks are very plentiful and flocks of up to 1,000 birds can be seen at times. Magpie geese are their largest game bird with a wing span of up to 1-yard. There are 4 main variety of ducks which all offer great wing shooting and excellent eating qualities. The bird season varies year to year, however it is mostly from the end of August until the end of December. Access to the wetlands is greatly enhanced during August and September with the help of our outfitter's airboat. This 400+ horsepower machine will take you to inaccessible swamp lands where the geese and duck flocks blacken the sky when they take flight!

Fishing is also available in the nearby rivers and creeks. This is done mostly by boat, using lures. Australia's most popular game fish, the Barramundi, is common in these waterways. Best time for fishing is February-April.

First class accommodation and dining for our guests, including private cabins are all air conditioned with their own en suite bathrooms. All meals are carefully prepared by the Chef in the homestead's dining room, overlooking the vast flood plains. Breakfast and lunch can be served in the dining room or out on the deck of our gazebo which offers 270 degree views of the flood-plains. Local game meats and some of the best Australian beef steaks and Barramundi fish fillets are on the menu daily. Large 2-story lodge with several lounge areas, bar, trophy hall and library. They cater to families and have a swimming pool and deck area. They also provide firearm training for junior hunters that may want to hunt their first medium sized game.

Recent clients have taken some exceptional trophies with some impressive, high-scoring records mixed in. This is one of those hunts where you can afford to be selective. If you are looking to complete your South Pacific collection or just want a great hunt, don't delay.


5-day hunt
$10,700 - 1x1
$9,700 - 2x1

Additional trophies

2nd Buffalo bull – $4500 

Non trophy buffalo - $1600 (young bull or cow)

Wild boar – $800 Scrub bull – $2200

Banteng - $13500

Crocodiles - 13 ft - $8500, 14 ft - $9500, 15 ft - $10,500

Wild Goat – $900 (A helicopter is required to island, 4 seater  - $3400)

$280/day - Observer



The hunting season is year round. Accessibility to game is not a problem and whilst different transport is used to hunt, the game is always guaranteed throughout the year. Our climate is most pleasant from May until September and the chance of wet weather is very slim. Temperatures during these times vary from 60 degrees at night to 95 degrees in the heat of the day. Our summers are a little hotter with high humidity.

The bird season varies year to year, however it is mostly from the end of August until the end of December.


Guide service
All meals and refreshments

1 trophy buffalo bull
All ground transportation from Darwin
Air-boat tours
Rifle rental and ammo
Daily laundry service
Field-care of trophies

We provide quality firearms (Merkel, CZ, Ruger, Winchester, Blaser, Sauer, Beretta, Weatherby and Cogswell Harrison) in a number of calibers, .470NE, .460 Weatherby, .458, .375 H&H, 9.3x74, for Buffalo, .308 for Wild Boar and 12 gauge for waterfowl. These rifles are fitted with scopes or express sights. Double rifles have express open sights and reflex sights. Outfitter or WTA Travel Services will assist with your firearm import permits if you wish to bring your own rifle.


Personal expenses
Hotel accommodations before and after hunt, if needed
Firearm and hunting permit - $50
Extra days of hunting at day rates

Addtitional trophy fees


Sample Itinerary
Day 1: Depart from home and fly to Sydney, Australia
Day 2: Loose this day crossing International Date Line
Day 3: Arrive in Sydney and clear customs
Fly to Darwin where you will be met by outfitter and transfer to camp, approximately 2 1/2 hour drive

Your full hunt days booked

Departure Itinerary
Day 1: Depart camp for home, you will arrive home the same day

Approximate License & Tag(s) Cost

Firearm and hunting permit - $50

Physical Requirement Level

Level 2 - These hunts are mostly conducted on private ranches. Species include mule deer, elk, antelope; additionally, some caribou and African plains game hunts. Moderate to light hiking each day in semi-mountainous terrain.

Additional Information
Approach: Spot and Stalk.
Equipment: Automobile.

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